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Sound Power

Sounds ripping up and out from the back of his throat; soaring, rolling around the music, gutsy, powerful, textural, filling the auditorium and carrying all with him. Tuesday night: Bridgewater Hall, Manchester and Van Morrison turning us inside out with his voice. From ‘Astral Weeks’ days to now, VM has been an-all-time-ever favourite, not with everything, but consistently throwing out magic – so exciting to at last hear him live.

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Making Connections

It was Lisa Jacques, education officer at The City Gallery, Leicester who made the connection and my piece ‘Mesh ‘ was the catalyst. Autumn 2005 and The City Gallery was about to host an exhibition by the artist Jo Fairfax, who had developed a virtual reality artwork ‘Dream Time’.

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Nuno Moon

When the prime response is felt in the gut, you know an exhibition has hit the spot, 2121 ‐ the textile vision of Reiko Sudo and Nuno did it for me. (Showing at ‘The Hub’) As the memory of its experience distilled through the week, I strived to consider my intellectual response in order to write a few words here. Wednesday evening I was taking my son to his guitar lesson – the night sharp, cold and velvet dark; the road, high above the valley, hugging the moor edge.

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