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Ghost of Order

The very last stone is now from the wall.
The 6.17 metres of grading, spacing and order which lived in gallery 101 from June 2005 ‐ September 2006 are no longer.
Order (the title of this temporary installation) is currently in a situation of re-order; labelled and stored in hundreds of small, numbered, plastic bags. Its partner piece, Hieroglyph, is in a similar state. I was fascinated by the subtle traces left on the wall ‐ a kind of ghost. It looked even more textile in this softened form.

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The Beach and The BBC

If I have learnt anything at all from this experience, it is that the first rule of programme making is FLEXIBILITY! In West Yorkshire, surrounded by soggy tents and piles of washing ‐ only seconds it seemed, home from a summer camping trip ‐ the phone call came.

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