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Silent Knight

By Stuart Frost I’m currently focussed on researching and developing low-tech interpretative devices for the new Medieval and Renaissance Galleries. At present I’m pre-occupied with a display provisionally titled ‘Hunting, Parades and Tournaments 1500-1600’. This subject will include some magnificent objects that highlight how much wealth Europe’s elite invested in arms, armour and equipment for hunting. […]

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6 Days to Go

…. and counting. I can almost physically feel the inner core of my being shrinking in tandem with the diminishing daylight as the shortest day approaches.

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Slipping in Before Time

When I wrote that I began this weblog halfway through my residency, this was officially true. However, during the six months that I waited for the formal approval and funding confirmation, I had already started to make regular visits to the Paper Conservation Studio.

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Text:ure of History

To my child mind, the Second World War was very definitely ‘in the olden days’ – the past – gone – history. It was unequivocally and quite physically, behind me… by a long way. I was not connected to it. In fact, it ended only nine years before I was born. As an adult, the passing of nine years goes by in a flash and I consider the last decade to be ‘current’.

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