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World Beach Update

                                                  Above left: Stone drawing detail. Natural stones of Porth Ysgo.
Above right: Acrobatic documentation process. Dan and Matt below. Photographer Pete on top, held by friend from the beach.
Beneath: Finished stone drawing, Porth Ysgo. The sub-title of this post probably should be “Hey Kids!

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Conserving the Collection

By Stuart Frost With over 1800 objects to prepare for installation in the Medieval and Renaissance Europe galleries in autumn 2009 it isn’t surprising that there is a enormous amount of activity taking place behind the scenes at the V&A.  Each object destined for the new displays will have been the focus of many different meetings […]

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Time Has Passed By…

Time has passed by since my last posting. The weeks have been filled with activities of a different kind – with a different focus. A move from private to public domain. In the months that I spent developing the drawings, time often seemed to be suspended as I attempted to resolve a range of issues in the work.

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V&A Woven Tapestry Course 2007

Just over a year ago, I ran a tapestry course in the V&A’s Studio. Have been asked to run another one in September and this time we will have three full days to experiment and develop ideas. Last year, Douglas Robertson, an artist working in and around the islands of NW Scotland, used the course to extend his technical vocabulary (pages from his sketchbook above).

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Weaving the Past and Present Together

By Stuart Frost The V&A’s magnificent fifteenth-century Devonshire Hunting tapestries were taken off display a little while ago. Their absence is only temporary. One of the tapestries, the one that features a boar and bear hunt, will take pride of place in the new Medieval and Renaissance Galleries in 2009. Click on the picture to the below […]

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Romantic Ruins

By Stuart Frost The surviving architecture of medieval Britain perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the age.  The ruins of castles and abbeys have provided inspiration for many generations of painters, poets and photographers. The photograph of Raglan castle reproduced below has been chosen for inclusion in a display I’m pulling together that will be installed late in […]

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