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“Sian Bowen: Gaze” – The Book

“The book is a beautiful production. I’ve just seen Gaze at the V&A: marvellous!

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The Portico de la Gloria, Santiago de Compostela

By Stuart Frost I have to confess that I am guilty of claiming one particular object of being my favourite, and then next week I declare something else to be the greatest artefact in the V&A’s collections. Hopefully you’ll overlook my inconsistency. This week though I am writing about an object for which I do have […]

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Saint James and Santiago de Compostela

By Stuart Frost I wonder how many people in England today are aware that the 25th July is the feast day of St James?  This celebration of this feast day began in the middle ages and is still the focus of impressive celebrations in the Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela. I’m determined that at […]

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An Ordered Journey

Sue Prichard, in the introduction to this blog, talks of the (artist’s) ‘journey of discovery’ and I have discussed this aspect many times in various posts.

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