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Polishing Up the Past

By Stuart Frost I think most visitors would be staggered by the amount of work that is involved in pulling together museum displays. When visitors walk around a successful new exhibition or display I’d hope that they’re completely absorbed with looking at the objects within them, rather than thinking about what has gone on behind the […]

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Labour of Love: The Trojan War

By Stuart Frost Conservation work on a magnificent tapestry continues in the Textile Conservation Studio. The tapestry is approximately 4.20 metres high, just over 7 metres long and depicts a scene from the Trojan War. The tapestry is part of one of the most important sets still surviving from the latter part of the fifteenth century. […]

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Black Spot

Stuff goes in. Stuff comes out…. In much of our education system ‐ particularly in the over examined school context – it is often implied that art/design/creativity is a kind of sausage machine process: the meat of ‘inspiration’ goes in at one end, is chopped up with a bit of other stuff, is seasoned by the maker, to then emerge conveniently packaged at the other. This is a way of learning, but it is not real.
The things that truly capture our imaginations – our passions and preoccupations ‐ are embedded deep in the fibre of our being.

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