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Sometimes the creativity is in the discovery, the isolating. Tiny rocky cove. Clamber or swim to. Bit secret.
Hours, days months before… who knows… the head had been found.
Most likely lying at a strange angle amongst the jumble of boulders.
Carefully placed to catch the light.
Perched, watching. Waiting to be noticed by another.
In a different time frame. Stumbling upon it, unsuspecting.
United by the experience – but to whom?
I take no credit. www. Do it.

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In Touch with Our Past

Stuart Frost Over the last week or so I’ve been focussed on writing draft labels for a series of touch objects for the new Medieval and Renaissance displays.  If you’d like to read one or two examples click on the images reproduced here to see the text. We’ve tried to ensure that in each of the […]

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The World Beach Project is now live

Guest post by V&A blog administrator. We are very pleased to announce that the World Beach Project webpages are now live on the V&A website and we have received our first contributions including one from North America and one from continental Europe.

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Let there be light!

By Stuart Frost The Medieval and Renaissance Galleries Project team have been conducting a series of display mock-ups since July of this year. These allow us to test the new arrangements of objects and involve bringing together artefacts located in the V&A’s many stores and or galleries. The pictures here show one such early morning mock-up in progress. […]

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Parish Churches and Worm Charming

By Stuart Frost I spent a rather pleasant weekend in Blackawton a little while ago. Blackawton is a small village in Devon, not far from Totnes. I was there helping a friend set up a stall in the village hall. They were hoping to capitalise on the audience attracted to Blackawton to participate in the […]

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