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Metal and Mica

One of the greatest pluses of a project such as Cloth & Culture Now is getting to meet the artists. From Finland, Japan, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia,UK; 31 of the total of 35 of us made it to the opening weekend. From formal lectures to conversations over the cornflakes, we learnt of each other’s cultures and practice. The creative connections that might join us around the globe felt a little more tangible.

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Venus Unveiled

By Stuart Frost The last entry posted here focused on the male nude through two sculptures of David by Donatello and Michelangelo. This week I thought I’d focus on the female nude and more specifically on representations of Venus. Given that Valentine’s Day fell on 14 February the Roman goddess of love is a particularly appropriate and topical subject. I […]

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Shifting Ornament

Cities, streets, houses â?? how do we make them home?Often by ornamenting them. If we look closely we may find these places are layered with meaning and memory because of their patterning.Textile patterns have travelled between South Asia and Britain from the seventeenth century to our own day. Do these voyages change the patterns as cargoes of meaning and memory? Does their arrival subtly change the cityscape, and how?

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I have never been good at keeping a diary.
The thick ‐ lockable – keep all your secrets safe ‐ pour your heart out tomes of pre-pubescence, never made it past the first few days. Even now at the beginning of a potentially good trip away, the well intentioned – document everything excitement attached to favourite pen and a new, velvety Moleskine soon deteriorates into incoherent scribbled notes and snatched drawings. So the whole concept of blogging and me is flawed from the start. In addition, it must be said, never have I been much good at writing about the doing …

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Donatello, Michelangelo and David

By Stuart Frost February is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) month so many museums have planned events to coincide with it. This set me thinking about connections with the medieval and Renaissance period and our plans for the new galleries. A cast of Donatello’s David was the focus of a gallery talk by one of my […]

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