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No. 100

‘Oakura’ Jerry Morris, 2008 World Beach reaches the landmark point of one hundred published entries. And in what style! Jerry Morris on North Island, NZ hits the spot with this beautifully crafted work. The attention to detail in this piece is stunning.

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Anglo-French Relations: Old and New

By Stuart Frost The detail you can see here is a heraldic device that adorns a vast bronze jug, destined for the new Medieval and Renaissance Galleries. The coat-of-arms is that of King Richard II. If you look closely you can see that the shield is quartered, and decorated with the fleur-di-lis of France and […]

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Layers of Lacquer and of Ice

The stacks of Renaissance prints that were held in the Arctic ice for three hundred years (see previous posting), led me to think about the possibility of using of Japanese lacquer (urushi) as a medium for new drawings. This was for a number of reasons -At about the time that the attempt was being made to carry the prints to the Far East, cultural artefacts in the form of export lacquer were being brought from Japan to Europe.

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Easter in Art

By Stuart Frost What does Easter mean to you? What images and memories does it bring to mind? For many people I’m sure it is bound up with long Bank Holiday weekends spent with family and visiting relatives. Across the length and breadth of the country there is also widespread over-indulgence in the consumption of chocolate […]

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