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Notes on Urushi/ Japanese Lacquer

A translucent material – but innumerable layers create a surface of seemingly impenetrable darkness.The tiniest speck on the skin capable of causing violent physical reactions – yet of extreme beauty.Images are ‘trapped” between layers – like forms in amber, prints in ice.Used to illuminate dark spaces – damaged by the brightness of natural light.

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Postcards from India

In India I travelled from one city to another, looking at textile and jewellery workshops. As I did so I thought of the late 19th century voyager to India, Caspar Purdon Clarke, who was sent in the 1880s to purchase objects for the Victoria and Albert Museumâ??s Indian collections.

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Tangled Up in Time

By Stuart Frost There are so many colleagues working on so many different aspects of the Medieval and Renaissance Galleries project that it is difficult to know where to start when trying to update people about progress. In fact I won’t even try to be comprehensive. At the moment every member of the project is […]

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I’m back! Would like to say it was yesterday, then it would look mildly impressive to be here on the case the next day. But it wasn’t. Six weeks and lots to tell. It may not come out in any coherent order but I’m working on it. This was a professional and research trip part funded by the Arts Council. Thank you Arts Council.

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Big Brother Medieval (and Renaissance) Style

By Stuart Frost Even when I’m off-duty I find it hard to avoid getting engaged with something that has a connection to medieval and Renaissance history. A couple of weekends ago I made a rare foray out of London to visit some friends who live in Pickering, North Yorkshire. I accompanied them and their vintage car to […]

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