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Canberra: Tapestry 2008

My sojourn in Australia was the result of two invitations to take up Visiting Fellowships in Canberra and Melbourne. In April and May The Australian National University in Canberra hosted major International Exhibitions and Symposium: Tapestry 2008. Canberra School of Art building. This event “brought together practitioners, educators, students, collectors, critics, theorists and historians from around the world for exchange of ideas, interaction, practical l

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Back in Japan again… In Praise of Shadows?

Back in Japan again… I stepped into the workshop of one of the country’s most respected lacquer artists, National Living Treasure, Shosai Kitamura. The walls were lined with shelves on which were placed examples of his workmanship. Draped across the length of one wall was a knotted straw garland sent by Ise Shrine – to bless the artist’s current inlaid mother-of-pearl lacquer work. He opened drawers slowly to reveal cut shells.

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Richard Kidd

Towards the beginning of this web-log I wrote about close friend, Richard Kidd. I touched upon his drive in creating a fabulous studio near Newcastle, his dynamic paintings and the great night to celebrate them.

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New York, New York!

By Stuart Frost I spent last weekend visiting friends and family in York. The city’s museums hold some tremendously rare survivals but anyone with an interest in medieval history will know the architectural riches that York offers. York Minster, the largest medieval cathedral in England, is full of graceful architectural detail and other historically important treasures. […]

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More Postcards

In my last post I put up some images of postcards I made while travelling in India and sent back to the V&A. Here are some more, and some thoughts about that activity.Postcards offer idealised pictures. They have usually been manipulated so that colours are brighter, the light more dramatic, than in reality. They tell the stories which their manufacturers want us to receive.The post cards which I took with me from London offered just such manipulated views. The skies were ultra-blue, the people and buildings air-brushed into a pristine state.

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Tintagel Castle and Arthurian Myth

By Stuart Frost The pictures that I’ve reproduced here are of the ruins of Tintagel Castle, the remains of which cling perilously to the north Cornish coastline. Tintagel is linked intimately with the legend of King Arthur. Given the popularity of Arthurian Romance in north European medieval culture, especially literature, I’m surprised that I haven’t […]

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