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Rudolph II and Prague: On Location Part Four

By Stuart Frost ‘It is generally agreed amongst the Catholics in Prague that the Emperor has been bewitched and is in league with the devil. I have been shown the chair in which His Majesty sits when holding conversations with the Prince of Darkness himself. I have seen the little bell His Majesty uses whenever […]

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Responses to the flickr jewels

I was delighted to see that the flickr group is growing really fast and with great contributions.Here, some of my favourites:FrucciYou have some really delightful and imaginative work, I liked the Wordy Girasole ring it seemed very well resolved also desirable!

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The eye of an outsider

I find I am still at the stage of absorbing things with the eye of an outsider. I am excited by the impact of buildings, spaces, humans and how they order themselves around the stage that is London.

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‘Of Dust’ – the works

Below are some of the works resulting from the second phase of my residency and which are currently on show at the Daiwa Foundation, London. Of Dust: No 9, 2008. Powdered gold, black Japanese lacquer on paper, 17 x 24 cm

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Finding Glover

Gloves from the V&A collection I made an appointment to view the glove collection held by the V&A. The curator Louisa Collins unwrapped glove after glove from its protective tissue from inside dark oak drawers.

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