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Scenes from the Apocalypse

By Stuart Frost Since February 2008 one of the most enigmatic objects in the V&A’s collections, and one of the earliest acquisitions, has been the focus of a remarkable programme of conservation work. The object, a larger central panel with two hinged wings, is an altarpiece. The panels were made and painted in northern Germany around 1400. The photograph to the […]

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Black on Gray

I like exhibitions showing a whole body of work from a single artist. I like being immersed in the unique vision. I like for that vision not to be interrupted or diluted by that of another. Occasionally we find ourselves standing in front of work that touches deeply; it is almost a stab, a point of primal knowing.

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Thinking About the Photographs

I’d taken so many photos. Now I had boxes of them, pictures taken in and around Green Street, E.13, images of the shops and houses; and many also from the South Asian Textile Collection at the V&A, photos of the textile storage and display, and of the museum building itself.What to do with all this material, this evidence of the churn of the city? In my research plan Iâ??d indicated that I would â??analyseâ?? the images â?? but the truth is, they formed a tumbling, out-of-control hoard.

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Christmas is Coming

By Stuart Frost I have been posting a new blog entry here every two weeks since October 2006. The gap between this posting and the last one is the longest that there has ever been, a sign of how hectic things have been over the last couple of weeks. Time seems to be running away rapidly. December […]

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Now I have my own space.

I’m so excited that the V&A have provided so big a space for me. Also I need to thank HSBC who sponsored this residency and gave me the chance to be here. Thanks to the nice staff here, you are so kind to help me. And I’m so sorry I can’t remember everyone’s name, but I will try my best to remember your names in the future. Especially I need to thank Ruth, I’m a troublemaker for her, and she solved many problems for me.

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New Glover

My intention before I leave the studio in two weeks is to make various props for the film, including one giant glove 4 metres high, resolveGlover’s mask, make a few reptilian gloves and a world map which shows the edge of the world. This is for the scene where Glover falls asleep (in storyboard below). For the huge four metre high glove I needed a snakeskin or image at the highest resolution, it was more difficult to find than I imagined.

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Behind the Arras

Tapestry, tapistrye, tapesserie… beautiful words to get your tongue around and all derived from the Latin ‘tapetium’ but it was the description ‘Arras’ (originating from the Flemish weaving town of the same name) that made it through to Shakespeare’s writing. On Saturday 6 December the V&A’s Tapestry Gallery will be the setting for a new approach in tapestry drama. Lights Alive!

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Claudi Casanovas

These words were written by Claudi Casanovas, the Catalonian artist working with ceramics and whose work I admire enormously. I quoted them at the beginning of my talk in York. They sum up so much of what I have come to understand about my own creative journey (referred to in the earliest posts of this blog).

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