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China in London – The Year of the Ox

I noticed today that there are lots of posters about China in London 2009 up in the tube stations. It’s so exciting. The poster design is very traditional and beautiful – I like it very much.

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Different worlds and different ways of seeing the world

My residency in the Wimbledon College of Art Drawing Centre Project Space unfolded in three separate phases.

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Canterbury Cathedral

I travelled to Canterbury with some of my Chinese friends from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design during the New Year holiday. Canterbury is a small town but very lovely. I like the town very much, especially Canterbury Cathedral. The design of ceiling architecture is fantastic. It’s a masterpiece.

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Byzantine Intrigue

By Stuart Frost What does the word Byzantine mean to you? If the answer is not very much I suspect that you’re not alone. The word was one of the period terms we tested with focus groups. These took place in the autumn of 2002 when we conducted research to feed into the planning for the Medieval […]

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Design in the Street

Ialways believe everybody is a designer. People are very creative. I enjoy looking at the design around us. You can see the picture I took on the street. I think it’s a good design. They use the plastic cases for storage when they carry the flowers to the location and then they use those cases turned down as display bases. They use some simple steel board as a display top. This design saves space and is very useful.

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Boat Lamp

I like the glass work hanging at the main entrance of the V&A. It’s really beautiful and makes the space amazing.

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Take Away Chair

When I walked around the Museum I saw some children sitting on the ground and playing. But the ground is cold in winter so Ithought I woulddesign some simple chairs for kids. Iwould just have a try, even though Inoticed there were a lot of benches in the Museum.

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Black and White

I often wear blacks.
I often weave whites. I am beginning to wonder if I might not be a little frightened by colour. I notice that I choose to tiptoe in from the fugitive, almost thereness of the edges, the borders of change, the margins of reason, keeping well away from the central, intense, core heat of vivid colour. I have spent hundreds and thousands of hours exploring minute, almost imperceptible nuances in bone white linen tapestry. The piece for the V&A’s Collection is the latest in that journey.

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Boars, Bears and Boxing Day Hunts

By Stuart Frost Hunting animals with dogs became a criminal offence in the United Kingdom in February 2005. A recent article in the Times highlighted that the ban remains extremely contentious. Boxing Day has long been a key date in the hunting calendar and apparently the numbers attending hunts on the 26th December has increased over the […]

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