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Behind the Scenes

By Stuart Frost Regular visitors to South Kensington will have become used to the brightly coloured hoarding that currently runs along a major part of the V&A’s Cromwell Road facade. The hoarding is decorated with striking large colour images of objects from the medieval and Renaissance collections. Behind the hoarding nine different space are being transformed into the Medieval and Renaissance Galleries and […]

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The Barbican Art Gallery

Last Sunday I visited the Barbican Art Gallery and the exhibition ‘The Art of Architecture of Le Corbusier’, about the work of the architect Le Corbusier. The Barbican Centre is a huge complex of buildings including private residences and the public arts centre; it’s a good example of how to combine the two kinds of use. The architecture and gardens are very geometric – like Lego models. It’s quite different from the Suzhou gardens in China. The Suzhou gardens are more flexible and the views change with each step.

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Glyphs and the Lower Molonglo Valley

Australia May 2008….
…and travelling west over the Murrumbidgee River (a break from the intense textile talk in Canberra ), Chrissy (G W Bot) introduced daughter Katie and I to her land. Katie drawing in Lower Molonglo Valley, West of Canberra. An expansive land of ochre hills and faded horizons,
of red earth, broken rocks and trac

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Responses to the “Clever Design Solutions” group

Our flickr group is growing really fast and with fantastic contributions. Here, some of my favourites:

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A Romanesque Candlestick – Conservation & Research

 By Stuart Frost & Catia Viegas Wesolowska One of the most extraordinary surviving pieces of Romanesque metalwork is without doubt the Gloucester Candlestick. There will be an opportunity to admire this remarkable piece in the forthcoming Medieval & Renaissance galleries at the V&A when they open in November 2009. The detail to the right highlights the candlestick’s […]

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DIY Pin clock

This is a re-design project. I like natural materials because their various properties, such as texture, give them their own character. Take for example wood. It needs time to grow and over time each piece of wood gets its own character, and has a unique texture, that is like its ‘face’. I exploited this character to re-design a clock.First I found a second-hand clock in Brick Lane market (one of my favourite markets in London). I took the clock parts out and attached them to a piece of wood. I used some map pins stuck into the wood to create …

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