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Finishing touches for the Fujimori Beetle’s House

The Beetle's House construction team have spent most of today applying some final touches to the teahouse. Much of this latter stage of construction has focussed on the interior of the teahouse – in particular the small charred blocks of cedar which have been applied to the inside walls (shown in Terunobu Fujimori's sketch, below), and the installation of the teaset which has been designed by a student from the Royal College of Art Ceramics Department, Malene Hartmann Rasmussen. One change that has occurred since the concept stage (as represented by this sketch) is that instead of having six separate …

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Sou Fujimoto Inside/Outside Tree – a final polish

The protective layers of adhesive sheeting have finally been removed from Sou Fujimoto's 'Inside/Outside Tree', revealing the transparent acrylic beneath. Having been so familiar with the structure in its 'wrapped' form, it's quite breathtaking to see the full, dramatic effect of the tree's transparency, and the delicate 'stitching' of the cable ties, especially as set against the floods of daylight that spill into the Architecture Gallery landing – the location of this structure. It will be quite stunning to see this structure when it basks in the late afternoon sunlight of the summer months that lie ahead of us.

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Week 21 | Bright Lights, Big Cityscape: 31.05.10

“Mrs S is already proving her hipster credentials…” A Two-Week Shopping Spree London shoppers can forget about Charlotte, Carrie, Samantha and the redheaded one for two weeks, because later this June, the four guys from aberrant architecture and the House of Jonn will be bringing the collaborative noise to Oxford Street! In preparation for the aforementioned ‘noise’, we have been meeting with the production team at Selfridges to discuss the ins and outs of our upcoming pop-up residency at the department store. Basically, we will be decamping to the Selfridges’ Wonder Room Windows on the 16th June, where we will …

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On-site construction for ‘Spiral Booths’ begins…

The construction team from MDM Props have set themselves up in the Porter Gallery, and have started to assemble Vazio S/A's 'Spiral Booths' – a structure consisting of a number of intimate performance booths set around a spiral staircase. The skeleton steel framework has now gone up, reaching the ceiling of the gallery. Over the next week, the booths and facade cladding will be installed, and the team will dress the structure with the red velvet curtains which mark the entrance of each of the booths. Below is a 3-D rendering which Carlos Teixeira (director of Vazio S/A) sent to …

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Helen & Hard ash trees arrive at the V&A

Resembling a group of patients being rushed into an operating theatre on hospital trolleys, the ten Norwegian ash trees for Helen & Hard's 'Ratatosk' climbing structure arrived at the V&A's John Madejski Garden early yesterday morning. As a quick reminder, here's what one of the trees looked like a few weeks ago, as it went under the 'surgeon's knife' of a CNC milling machine: Dag Strass and Caleb Reed from Helen & Hard Architects accompanied the trees on their journey to the V&A from Norway. The weather dramatically improved today, and the two architects have already made quick work …

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