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Mannequin Assessment

Once the object selection is finalised, we have to go through a process of assessing mannequins. Finding the right mannequin is more complex than it looks. After gathering and classifying the mannequins we can reuse, each piece is assigned to a different one depending on its requirements. Some pieces need mannequins that work with trousers, others might need arms, or heads, as some of the looks also include hats. After this we can decide whether we need to order any other mannequins, and the conservation department can assess whether work needs to be done in terms of underpinning and padding …

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Kinoscope outside the Ballets Russes Exhibition

Independent of, and yet extending the Ballets Russes exhibition, a Kinoscope, a contemporary re-imagining of the Kinetoscope peephole projector invented by Thomas Edison and W.K.L. Dickson in the early 1890s, has been placed in Gallery 33 close to the entrance of Diaghilev. It is also close to the V&A’s photography gallery. Kinetoscopes were one of the first devices for the public to view short films and they were the first to exhibit, for example, serpentine dances à la Loïe Fuller. Designed by Mark Garside, the Kinsocope uses digital technology to allow the viewer to control the speed of film projection: …

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