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Studio images: Fashion Design Residency, Sackler Centre for arts education at the V&A

A selection of images takenin the Sackler Centre studio, by V&A photographer Maike Zimmermann:

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Couture Collection presentation: Juliana Sissons, at the V&A, 2011

The Fashion installation, being shownin the Medieval and Renaissance Galleriescreatedan unexpectedromantic atmosphere; surrounded by the backdrop of sculptural artifacts, renaissance coloursand accompanied by the soft sound ofwater from the fountain.

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Playing God: architects and railway models

This guest post has been contributed by Stephen Knott, a PhD student at the Royal College of Art. Find his own blog here.

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Hidden Collections

I was in the 'hidden' Museum the other day collecting basketry materials I have had stored there, and was instantly back in the special atmosphere of stillness, silence, warmth, and a plethora of miscellaneous objects. The stuff has stayed as there was a complex arrangement necessary to transport natural materials into the building in case they carried disease. So once in, the willow and bark, rush and Iris leaves, stayed until used up or no longer needed. Everything, tightly wrapped in heavy polythene and sealed with parcel tape, went into the Conservation Dept freezer, to be kept at minus 30 …

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New willow season, new blog season

I am resuming my basket blog with as much vigor as the new willow, late to leaf here in Kent this year because of all those nights well below freezing. But here it comes, filling my car as I have to drive stuff home. My first batch was cut by friends at a delightful small holding of long standing, a small market garden, where basketmakers planted a willow patch about 10 years ago. The cutting parties involve coffee and cake in sun or cold and are delightful occasions, surrounded by orchard, large vegetable plot, hens clucking. This is the rural …

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Gallery 220 Exhibition: Instinct & Inspiration: Objects, Visitors & Artists-in-Residence at the V&A

An Artist-In-Residence Film Running time: 4mins A film capturing the interaction and inspiration of my six month residency at the V&A, is currently showing in Gallery 220 in the Sackler Centre. This exhibition forms part of the international conference entitled;Engaging, Creating: Artist and Maker Practitioner Residencies in Public Spaces. Conference dates are Wednesday 6th, Thursday 7th and Friday 8th April 2011 Sackler Centre, V&A.

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Yohji Yamamoto Catalogues

Yohji Yamamoto’s approach to collaboration has always been special in that he has allowed his collaborators exceptional creative freedom. The timeline will feature some of the most remarkable and now iconic photographic renderings of his work, the beautifully conceived catalogues. These catalogues went far beyond a mere lookbook and were art directed, photographed and designed by now leading figures in the industry, such as Marc Ascoli, Nick Knight, Peter Saville, Paolo Roversi, M/M (Paris), Max Vadukul, Craig McDean, Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. As these publications are very tactile and considered, it was important not only for them to …

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Designing Postmodernism, Part 4: Lighting and AV

There are many ways to look at an exhibition. For curators like me and my colleague Jane Pavitt, it's mainly a matter of objects, and the narrative we create around them. For our 3D designers Carmody Groarke, it's about a sequence of spatial experiences, each with its own character.

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