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Beauty and Beyond

It is hard to believe that The Cult of Beauty has now been open to the public for two months. I still enjoy going down to the galleries and hearing the reactions as visitors see the exhibition for the first time, as they take their first glimpse into Rossetti’s bedroom, step into the projected Peacock Room or come almost face to face with Eros. I thought I would use this, my final blog post, to suggest some other Aesthetic buildings and events you might like to add to your itinerary.

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Video: An Introduction to Aestheticism

[video: width:600 height:338] video introduces the key characters of the Aesthetic Movement and discusses how the movement influenced decoration, dress and what we nowterm 'lifestyle'. Wander through the interiors of the V&A with The Cult of Beauty exhibition's curator Stephen Calloway and get a glimpse of the decoration at Leighton House in Holland Park with their senior curator Daniel Robbins. It isa great introduction before visiting the exhibition inperson.

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I ‘would love to live in the exhibition’

On the 7th March we began to install The Cult of Beauty exhibition. Over the last three weeks, with two teams of technicians and highly efficient exhibition co-ordinators, we installed over 250 objects in the gallery space. Paintings were hung on the blue, green and dark grey walls, objects were placed in cases and sculptures were carefully positioned on their plinths. I waited excitedly for the latest packing case to be opened and another beautiful object to emerge.

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John Abbott: Portrait of a Plasterworker

This guest post has been contributed by Jenny Saunt, a recent graduate of the V&A/RCA Course in the History of Design.

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