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Rocking through another week

Lucky us, another crazy (good) busy week. Power of Making opens up on Monday and the gallery is in full swing, filling up with amazingly cool stuff. We're helping set up the 3D printers that will be in the Tinker Space part of the show, we'll have a lot more on those soon. The new toys just keep appearing, which is great. Carson made a wicked lamp: Martin discovered that we'll lasercut anything, just because we can (hint: it's the little spacers between the boards he's in the middle of painting): And I am getting an unexpected lesson in how …

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New beginnings

First opened in 1873 at the heart of the building, the V&A’s Cast Courts are two gigantic day-lit galleries, separated by a corridor and filled with copies of some of Europe’s most famous sculptures and monuments. Housed in a dramatic space, these objects have come to speak to each other in unrivalled ways, while their […]

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The thighguards are made from lacquer, lacing and silk damask. The damask was splitting in some areas and needed to be supported. First they were cleaned using a low suction museum vacuum in order to remove surface dust and particulate soiling. Then a chemical sponge was used to gently brush the surface of the leather in order to remove some of the black greasy soiling. Part of the thighguards cleaned. The right half of this strip has been cleaned with the sponges. The chemical sponges after use, note the amount of soiling removed! Chemical sponges are vulcunised polyisoprene (latex) with …

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