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V&A Shakespeare Day with Propeller

by Adrian Deakes, Programme Manager, Theatre and Performance.Those of you who keep a keen eye on theatre reviews will have seen Propeller’s name crop up fairly frequently over the past few years. Directed by Ed Hall, this all-male Shakespeare Company is really making a name for itself by providing really visceral, exciting productions of Shakespeare's work. When they approached me to see if the V&A would like to host their 'Pocket' Henry V on 1 October, I was happy to say yes.

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The Bookbinders Collective – a London Design Festival highlight

by Marisa Smith, Programme Manager, Workshops and Events.

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The V&A’s 20 Greatest Treasures

by Jo Banham, Head of Adults, Students and Creative Industries.

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London 2012 clay: above and below ground

by Ruth Lloyd, Residency & Display Co-ordinator.

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Diamandini: 120 kilos of sylphlike robot

by Nadia Arbach, Team Leader, Digital Programmes.There's something about the word 'robot' that, despite my understanding of the more sophisticated forms of interactive design, still conjures up images of a metallic, bleeping creature. Diamandini, an interactive robotic artwork currently on show for the London Design Festival and the Digital Design Weekend, couldn't be further from that image.

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Welcome to the Project!

The Europe 1600-1800 Galleries are a series of seven galleries running between the Museum’s two main entrances in Cromwell Road and Exhibition Road. Their renovation is a part of FuturePlan, a Museum-wide project to create beautiful and contemporary new settings for the V&A’s outstanding collections, while restoring much of the building’s original architecture and improving visitor experiences.

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