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Starting to Select the Objects

The majority of our work is not as dramatically visible as the decanting and stripping out of the galleries. The main hub of activity has been happening outside the galleries – in offices, store rooms, libraries, archives and conservation studios. Here we research, develop and refine new content for the galleries.

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National Funding Scheme Launches at the V&A

By Brodie Lyon, Annual Fund and Appeals Manager.The V&A is working with the National Funding scheme to help launch DONATE, a digital platform that aims to increase giving to the arts. At the moment we’re one of just 11 organisations involved, and they span a number of different types; from huge, national galleries to small, touring theatre companies, it’s about supporting the arts at all levels, up and down the country.

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Clothworkers': Une tête de papier

By William Newton, Assistant Curator, Furniture, Textiles and Fashion.For anyone who saw the Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones exhibition at the V&A a few years back, you will already have been invested with the ill-kept secret that the Museum has one of the finest collections of millinery in the world.

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Themes and brain food from Museums and the Web 2013

Review of themes from sessions and conversations at Museums and the Web 2013. With links, V&A presentation and activity sheet on tactics for digital museum projects

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Twenty Objects for Twenty Years: Maiolica Dish, 1485-1490

By Paula Nuttall, Director of Late Medieval to Early Renaissance Year Course.

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David Bowie is…bringing us all together

‘David Bowie is one in a million. He is a huge inspiration to me and a vast majority of the world. He has opened my mind to many new ideas and has shown us that anything is possible.’Dom Grimshaw© Victoria and Albert Museum, London

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How ready is 3D for delivering museum services?

Reflections from people using 3D for real in museums. They are from two great pre-conferenceworkshops at Museums and the Web 2013 in Portland.As it stands right now there are a number of issues and service delivery challenges for managers looking to embed 3D features permanently into their museum services. Useable 3D technology exists in one form or another now, that can do amazing things that can be used to build great services, but some care is needed to scope this work.

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The Natural History Museum, our neighbours across the road, have opened their Sensational Butterflies exhibition – an outdoor attraction packed with live butterflies. As I sit here at my desk, I see the NHM flag flying above the roof, fluttering in a brisk wind, and it struck me that we have our own sensational butterflies here, too, captured in drawings and paintings and prints. They may not be live, breathing specimens, but I think they're none the less fascinating for that.

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Guardian Changing Media Summit 2013 – Day 2

By Keith Hale, Content Editor, Digital MediaDay 2 – 22 March 2013

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