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Vase Mania!


(Bit of a longer blog posting…) Just to give you a bit of background, the thinking behind this whole project is very much around ‘Vase Mania’: the vase being a symbol of the ancient world, a practical object and a design motif, I hope to restore its former status as the ultimate accessory. Taking inspiration […]

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From Shenzhen: Chaihuo Makerspace and the Shenzhen Maker Faire

Kavin Lau

As part of the V&A’s ongoing collaboration with China Merchants Group, Luisa E. Mengoni, currently stationed in Shenzhen as Head of the V&A Gallery, reports from the frontlines of Chinese design and manufacturing. Here we present a series of reports on current events and dialogues with some of the region’s most influential and insightful figures. […]

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The Tower of Babel – Shop of the Day 95


The Tower of Babel – Shop of the Day 95 Not sure if this is in my top 10.  But it is Sunday and therefore we have the Sunday theme to uphold.  Love this convenience store/grocer on the High St Thornton Heath. Check out the strap line.   ©Barnaby Barford 2014

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‘Glastonbury : Land and Legend’ opens in Prague


The fourth and final day of install was spent doing final tweaks before the doors opened at 7pm for the official opening of ‘Glastonbury: Land and Legend.’ A final touch was added to the foyer – seven retro Czech TVs were set up to show footage of the rolling countryside on Worthy Farm, as well […]

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The Tower of Babel – Shop of the Day 94


The Tower of Babel – Shop of the Day 94 A pause in my top ten – it is after all FA Cup final today.  So we go to Carnaby Street and a mecca for ‘soccer’ fans where you can get everything and anything.  I wonder if they sell the ‘viva la fulham’ CD? If […]

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Still painting like Constable

Palette knife effects in the sky © S.Connor

Humbled by my last feeble attempts at painting like Constable (here), I began work on a substantially scaled down version of Constable’s Full scale study for the Haywain. I prepared a small canvas by stretching commercially primed canvas – linen, with a white ground, that you can buy by the metre. I stretched it around […]

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In Memory of Toussaint Louverture


The 20th of May marked 272 years since the revolutionary François-Dominique Toussaint Louverture (1743-1803), was born into bondage in Haiti, the French island colony then known as Saint-Domingue (Santo Domingo). I was interested to read that in 2015 this date saw the unveiling of a new statue in memory of Toussaint Louverture, in the courtyard […]

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The Tower of Babel – Shop of the Day 93

06_EC1_IMG_0797b (1)

The Tower of Babel – Shop of the Day 93 This one has got to be in my top 10, in my opinion the only place to get your threaded requirements in London.  Super helpful, old school hardware store that always always always has what you need no matter what sort of bolt, nut, screw, […]

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Last chance: V&A/IHR Early Modern Material Cultures Seminars!

Embroidered picture of Mary Magdalene, English, 17th century. Museum no. T.57-2012 © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

You’re not too late for this year’s V&A/IHR Early Modern Material Cultures Seminars! This Monday, 1 June, marks the penultimate event in 2015’s highly successful series. We’re very much looking forward to Dr William Fisher’s (University of New York) intriguingly titled paper, ‘Doctor Dildo’s Dauncing Schoole: Sexual Instruments and Women’s Erotic Agency in England, 1600-1725.’ […]

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Guest Post: A Room with a View (Part 2) – the Textile Conservator’s Story

Image 12

Roisin Morris is a V&A Senior Textile Conservator, and is currently working on the massive room hanging we featured in  A Room with a View (Part 1) two weeks back. This week she fills us in on some of the finer points of preparing (and repairing!) an object like this for display. As you will […]

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