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Clothworkers’ Object Study Day, 27th May

Hanne Faurby with Eveline Gordon embroidery samples © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

At the end of May we welcomed visitors to a series of talks given at the Clothworkers’ Centre by V&A staff, the second of our Clothworkers’ study days. In these talks, we showcased some of the research that we’ve undertaken within the grand tiled walls of Blythe House. As in October, the talks were extremely […]

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Glastonbury: A Living Installation

The last five days at Worthy Farm in Somerset were a midsummer night’s dream. With Friday’s empty slot on the Pyramid Stage remaining a mystery, the festival site was alive with rumour and expectation. Secret gigs and underground clubs were on everyone’s lips and despite the unsettling character of the festival’s micro-climate (blazing sunshine one moment […]

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Ice Cold in Idaho

Someone once said my life was like a comic book…. I had survived the late night muggers in snow thick Central Park (with the help of Spider-Man), I’d flown over the Oregon Trail to Portland and to the love of my life, KK. I’d been duped. She wasn’t waiting for me. She was with another […]

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Pride of Place

Having already heard about early trials of this project (but being sworn to secrecy about it!), we’re excited to see today’s launch of Historic England’s new research project Pride of Place. Historic England (formerly known as English Heritage) are working with historians at Leeds Beckett University’s Centre for Culture and the Arts to identify buildings and places with […]

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The Tower of Babel – Shop of the Day 125

The Tower of Babel – Shop of the Day 125 One of my all time favourites. Kennington. Looks like it’s been there forever. Apparently they used to straighten out Bob Marley’s dreads after he’d been playing football in Kennington Park! ©Barnaby Barford 2014

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In praise of ibid.

The third guest post by graduating V&A/RCA History of Design students sees Joanne Pilcher put a fresh spin on the meaning of ‘ibid’. ‘ibid.: In the same source (used to save space in textual references to a quoted work which has been mentioned in a previous reference). Abbreviation of Latin ibidem ‘in the same place’.’ […]

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The Tower of Babel – Shop of the Day 124

The Tower of Babel – Shop of the Day 124 From foot to head – let’s delve into the hairdressing establishments of the capital this week. 1st up Morning Lane, Hackney. Yuppies! The term ‘young urban professional’ or ‘young upwardly-mobile professional’ is ‘ a young university educated adult who has a job that pays a […]

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The Tower of Babel – Shop of the Day 123

The Tower of Babel – Shop of the Day 123 I’m in Italy and it’s the last day of shoes so we go to possibly the king of women’s shoes.  Born in Romagna, Italy (a region very close to my heart) in the 1930’s and inheriting his father’s tools and artisan traditions, Rossi worked through […]

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The Tower of Babel – Shop of the Day 122

The Tower of Babel – Shop of the Day 122 Shoes Shoes Shoes (& Boots) not just fashion 129 Whitechapel Road E1 today and we’re off to buy some work clothes. ©Barnaby Barford 2014

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V&A and Proud

I’ve just got back to my desk having thoroughly enjoyed one of today’s LGBTQ Gallery Tours. These were additional tours specially organised in recognition of tomorrow’s Pride in London parade. It was really great to see so many people there. As we first gathered, I counted about 100 of us somewhat taking over the Main Entrance, […]

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