New display at the Korean Gallery

Contemporary Korean Ceramics: Tradition and Innovation

  In Korea, contemporary ceramic art practice can be roughly divided into three different approaches. First of all, there are artists who adhere to tradition, preserving the cultural heritage of the nation. Secondly there are those who pursue innovation, seeking artistic originality and individual expression. The third trend bridges these two by reinterpreting tradition with […]

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Beautifully Unphotogenic

“Well, that just looks awful…” You would think a beautiful textile would be easy to photograph beautifully. After all, the thing is gorgeous! Luminous! Glorious! How could it be possible for it not to look as spectacular as it is? You would be surprised. Rounding the bend of the new year, and looking down the […]

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1_shades of grey

A Tour of China’s Design Cities: Beijing

For the Shekou Project, Luisa E. Mengoni, Brendan Cormier, Sunny Cheung, and Rong Zhao travelled to five cities in two weeks, to research the current state of design in China – to see how design is produced, perceived, consumed, and discussed across the country. All of this, to figure out how the V&A, through its […]

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Curator Rebecca Wallis stands on a stepladder cleaning the wall case

Stepladders, Spode and a Squeegee: Installation Part 1

The time has come to install the Blue and White display! Last week we said goodbye to the previous Gallery 146 show of Simon Carroll’s work, which has now been shipped off to the Ruthin Craft Centre in Wales. This has left the gallery empty and ready for us to start creating a mesmerising world […]

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Model, China, 1790-1800. Museum no. 9346(IS) © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Object Pitch Day 3 – 16 September 2014

By Object Pitch Day 3 we all knew the rules, and the competition was certainly hotting up. Nine members of V&A staff made their cases for an impressive array of objects, from Katy-Perry-brand false eyelashes to the ironwork cross that once crowned the screen at Salisbury Cathedral. With every pitch as good as the one […]

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Cole and Redgrave

Richard Redgrave (1804-1888): A Reluctant Traveller

You’d think that the opportunity to travel around Italy at the Museum’s expense, hunting for priceless late Medieval and Renaissance treasures to send back to South Kensington, would have been considered by a nineteenth-century curator as one of the perks of the job. Not so with Richard Redgrave. Redgrave was a painter and arts administrator; […]

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location 5

Location, location, location, (photography)

The publication that will accompany ‘Shoes, Pleasure & Pain’ will showcase the shoes and their stories and it has been my job to provide a new set of photographs for it. The majority of my photography is carried out in a very well equipped studio; lights that track across the ceiling (no cables or trip […]

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Poppy and Herman

‘The louder my voice the deeper the bury me’ (Herman Wallace)

 In 1971 three black inmates of Louisiana State Penitentiary (Angola Prison) in the United States established a chapter of the Black Panther Party inside the prison. They subsequently served extraordinary periods of continuous solitary confinement – over 100 years between them – and became known as the ‘Angola 3′. Robert King was released in 2001. […]

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#SavageBeautyIllustrated – UAL Fashion Drawing Competition

As most Londoners started to wrap up 2014, slowly grinding the cogs to a halt, the students at University of the Arts London, were propelled by an exciting opportunity, feverish to find fresh inspiration…    @gt_illustrates_london                                   @beth_straw In the midst of Christmas festivities the students at UAL and participating colleges – namely, undergraduates from Central […]

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Little Moreton Hall, Cheshire, photograph by Mike Harris. CC-BY-SA-2.0

Manners of Building: Architectural Style in England, 1550-1750

by Melissa Evans, MA candidate, V&A/RCA History of Design Some clichés are ubiquitous. Take ‘Home is where the heart is’ – it’s one of those sayings where, once you start to look, you find it everywhere: from cushions, plates and plaques in gift shops, to sachets of lavender, embroidered samplers and biscuit tins.  These objects, […]

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