Another Place

Found myself travelling east at the weekend, to a wide expanse of sand just north of Liverpool. A place that I would probably never have otherwise visited, we were there to see Another Place by Antony Gormley. I thought it would be interesting, I wasn’t expecting to be so moved. Another Place by Antony Gormley. 100 life size, solid cast iron figures made from moulds of Gormley’s body stand motionless, facing out to sea; each lone naked human form simultaneously evoking both an aching vulnerability and silent strength. Destined to be forever rooted to the spot, they must bear whatever the elements and tide throw at them. As a viewer you are drawn into their world and so become part of the work. It is a perfect interaction of art, landscape, nature, time and humankind. I found it an extremely inspiring, evocative and powerful work.

Another Place by Antony GormleyAnother Place, tide outThe furthest figure I visited, about a kilometre from landSingle figure, Crosby BeachSingle figure, Crosby BeachThree heads

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