The Barbican Art Gallery

Last Sunday I visited the Barbican Art Gallery and the exhibition ‘The Art of Architecture of Le Corbusier’, about the work of the architect Le Corbusier. The Barbican Centre is a huge complex of buildings including private residences and the public arts centre; it’s a good example of how to combine the two kinds of use. The architecture and gardens are very geometric – like Lego models. It’s quite different from the Suzhou gardens in China. The Suzhou gardens are more flexible and the views change with each step. The Barbican Centre is an architectural icon in the City of London. It’s a great building and garden.

If you visit there soon you could also see the Le Courbusier exhibition.


巴比肯艺术中心 上周末去了巴比肯艺术中心看现代建筑大师勒.柯布西耶的展览。巴比肯由一个很大的建筑群落组成,很好的结合了私人住宅和商业公共空间。几何规则的建筑和花 园有点像乐高积木。非常不同与中国苏州园林,苏州园林更柔美,移步异景使园林更富诗意。巴比肯是伦敦市中心一个建筑象征,有着非常棒的花园,很值得参观, 如果你最近去,还可以看到勒.柯布西耶的建筑之美的展览。

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