Black and White

I often wear blacks. I often weave whites. I am beginning to wonder if I might not be a little frightened by colour. I notice that I choose to tiptoe in from the fugitive, almost thereness of the edges, the borders of change, the margins of reason, keeping well away from the central, intense, core heat of vivid colour. I have spent hundreds and thousands of hours exploring minute, almost imperceptible nuances in bone white linen tapestry. The piece for the V&A’s Collection is the latest in that journey. It is nearing completion. I have huge admiration for those who do embrace the fiery cauldron and can handle, with sensitivity, the intensity within. Jo Barker is one of those artists. A new body of her work is currently showing at The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh alongside the exquisite black oak vessels of Jim Partridge. A beautifully produced publication (available from the gallery) accompanies her exhibition. Jo Barker and Jim Partridge exhibition at The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh, January 2009 Edinburgh is also hosting an exciting Textile Study Day organised by IC: INNOVATIVE CRAFT on Saturday 24 January. Based at Edinburgh College of Art in the morning with speakers including Sue Prichard from the V&A and Deidre Nelson… and at the Dovecot Studios in the afternoon with Sara Brennan and Jo Barker… and offering an opportunity to see the Henry Moore Textile Exhibition and Jerwood Contemporary Makers Exhibition… AND a chance to join Jo on a visit to her exhibition at the Scottish Gallery at 5pm… it’s not to be missed!

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