Compact products for a simple life

Nowadays we are living in a fast-paced world where speed and convenience are increasingly important. With high-tech developments it’s easy to travel and communicate. Cities are crowded and big flats difficult to afford. Instead we live in flats that are compact but comfortable. We work hard and have no time to clean a big home so we prefer the simple and easy life. The products we use are becoming more compact and easy to use. Living space, furniture, home appliances, computers, mp3 players, mobile phones, are all being designed to be more and more compact. It’s like a piece of micro art.

This design for a toaster was inspired by this way of living.  My flatmates in London usually prepare two slices of toast and a fried egg for breakfast. The frying pan is difficult to clean after frying an egg in it, so I designed this toaster to try to solve the problem. It looks like a music box, and is compact and easy to clean, especially the frying pan, because you can clean it using a paper towel which should make it more convenient for other flatmates to cook their breakfasts afterwards. Because it’s quicker to clean it also gives you more time to enjoy life!

Egg toaster - sketch, Lao Jianhua Egg cooker, Lao Jianhua

紧凑设计,便利生活 如今生活越来越便利和快节奏。高科技的发展也便利的人们的出行和沟通,世界正在变得越来越小。城市越来越拥挤,以至于我们负担不起一套大的公寓。生活在这 样的城市我们也不得不经常搬家。我们必须努力工作,大的房子我们没时间打扫。我们渴望简单便利的生活方式。周遭的产品设计得越来越紧凑方便使用。大到房 子、家具、家电,小到电脑、mp3、手机我们会发现生活中的设计再变紧凑,就像一个微型的艺术。 我在伦敦的室友早上会做两片烤面包和一个煎鸡蛋,但是问题煎完鸡蛋那个煎锅很难清洗,经常要等到晚上回家再洗,所以这个烤面包机就是尝试着解决这样一个难 题。这个设计看起来像一个音乐盒,上面用来煎鸡蛋,下面用来烤面包,为了移动方便设计尽可能的紧凑,特别的是煎锅只需要一张餐巾纸就可以擦干净,方便另外 的室友做同样的早餐。这样你就有更多的时间来享受生活。

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