Design in China seminar

China is developing very quickly. People in the UK are very familiar with the ‘Made in China’ label on many goods. But what about product design in China?

Many Chinese designers are studying and working abroad, and some of them have already returned. Is Chinese design changing? What is the future of design in China?

The seminar will focus on Chinese design now and what the future holds for it.

Time and place
16 April 2009, 14:00 – 17:00
Sackler Centre, Seminar Room 1, V&A Museum

Everyone is invited to attend this free seminar. If you are interested in Design and China, come and join us!

I’d like to thank Vtop for its cooperation and the exquisite poster design. A very special thanks to Mr. Hongxing Zhang and Mr. Zhongmin Wu. Vtop is a multinational network of designers. If you are interest, please check their website.

中国设计论坛 背景:对高速发展中的中国,英国人从很多产品中已经熟知了“中国制造”标签,但是对于中国产品设计呢?他们知道多少。如今有很多中国设计留学生在海外求学 和工作,有些也已经回国,设计在中国有所改观吗?未来的设计出路在哪儿?我们将尝试着探讨这些问题。 这个论坛的主题是关注中国设计和中国设计前景,欢迎海外的中国设计师参加和关注中国设计的海外设计师参与近来。非常感谢中国部的高级馆长张洪兴和Vtop design的吴仲旻参加此次论坛。同时感谢Vtop design的合作并为这次论坛设计了精美的海报,这是一个海外华人设计师的交流网,有兴趣交流设计的朋友可以访问网站。

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