DIY Pin clock

This is a re-design project. I like natural materials because their various properties, such as texture, give them their own character. Take for example wood. It needs time to grow and over time each piece of wood gets its own character, and has a unique texture, that is like its ‘face’. I exploited this character to re-design a clock.

First I found a second-hand clock in Brick Lane market (one of my favourite markets in London). I took the clock parts out and attached them to a piece of wood. I used some map pins stuck into the wood to create clock ‘numerals’.

It’s easy to redesign your own second hand things.

You can find a step-by-step tutorial at

office clock

自制办公室座钟 这是一个重新设计的项目。我特别喜欢材料自身特有的特性,诸如材料的纹理。每一块木头都需要一段时间去长成,而且每一块的纹理都不一样,就像是它们的脸。 利用这一特性我重新设计了钟。首先我从Brick Lane的二手市场买来一个二手钟,Brick Lane市场是我在伦敦最喜欢的市场中的一个。然后取出钟的内部零件,找一些办公室常用的大头针作为钟的刻度。重新设计制作二手的东西其实很简单。你可以 在上面的链接中找到制作步骤来自己动手制作。

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