Drawing with a Piledriver

At Liam‘s most recent gallery demonstration he revealed a huge photogram he had made on a visit to the Exhibtion Road building site. Liam took the photosensitive paper and held it up against a piledriving case that was lying on its side, creating the image you can see below.

© Liam O’Connor

© Liam O’Connor

In Liam’s last blog post you can see his smaller scale photogram work as well as a photo of the massive piledriver in the building site. By using different methods to record the destruction and creation on the building site Liam is creating a descriptive and interesting body of work during his time as the Exhibtion Road Drawing Resident.

For the August holidays Liam has designed a family activity that is free to drop in to and he will also be at the Create! Architectural Drawing event for young people aged 16-19 which you can book tickets for here.

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