Keep learning and practice

It’s very good that in London designers seem to communicate with and learn from each other. I learned a lot from the public and the designers in London. Life is beautiful because the things are different and I hope I could design some products that benefit the people’s life and they are really want to use them. More and more people in China go to museums to learn the design and culture of our own. And a lot of new design practices are now happening in China. I am excited to be part of the future of China design.

持续学习和实践在V&A的这段经历使我受益良多。我从V&A博物馆和在伦敦的其他博物馆的丰富藏品中学到了很多不同文化 和民族的设计。它就像一面镜子,当对异国文化和设计了解的越多也就使我更加认知自己本国的东西。时光流逝,半年时间一晃而过,也没能学习完我想学的东西, 所以回国后我继续学习,相信这些所学的东西也将影响我很长时期的设计。不同的设计师能够相互学习交流是一件很好的事,在伦敦我从很多设计师和公众那里学到 了很多知识。事物的差异性使生活变得美丽,所以我希望将来可以设计出大家真正需要也乐于使用的产品。在国内越来越多的人走进博物馆学习文化和设计,设计实 践也在火热的进行中,所以我坚信中国设计的明天。

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