Liam asks “What is your ideal museum design?” & take away your own piece of the V&A

Have you ever thought about what the best design for a museum would be? On Saturday our Exhibition Road Drawing Resident Liam O’Connor asked the children who visited his gallery demonstration how they would design their ideal museum. While the kids got creative Liam chatted with the adults about his work that is being inspired by the new building work to improve and extend the V&A’s gallery spaces. Visitors were also able to take a piece of the museum away with them; rubble collected from the building site by Liam, dated and numbered in a special edition!

Here are some of the creative and innovative museum designs, we are really impressed by the Sea Museum including a glimpse of what would be in its collection.

It’s one thing to take home a postcard, print or book from the shop to remember your V&A experience, another to physically take a part of it away with you! Liam chose 25 pieces of rubble from the building site and here are some people happy to help take it away as an alternative to the many trucks carrying rubble away every day.

Don’t miss out on getting your own piece of the V&A and visit Liam during his next gallery demonstration.

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