Meanwhile back in the Studio…

The shelf crash (Dec 31st) offered up the perfect opportunity for a bit of a clear out. I had forgotten how good that can feel. So: determined not to let this motivation drown under the nuclear reactor of the ‘To Do’ list – and coupled with the need for a clean sheet and mind before embarking on a period of intense thinking – I feel full of resolve. Many of us feel compelled to do this. I think it is an essential requirement for focus ‐ a kind of ‘revving up’ to the main event. Both an erasing of ‘baggage’ and an almost meditative process that provides an interval between the last period of work and the next one. And I also think its perilously close to the very slippery slope of serious displacement activity. I mean, just how clean do those light bulbs need to be? Here, a photo of my studio wall still full of 2005. Studio Wall Michael Brennand-Wood, in his essay in the accompanying book, talks of the studio as a 3D sketchbook of ideas. I had never thought of it as this before. But it is true, I do like to think in this open wall way. I need to see the relationship of things together and move pieces around constantly, making connections. Sometimes objects remain for years because one way or another they continue to ‘feed’ my thinking. Others are up and down in a flash. This particular wall holds, amongst other things, bits of ideas, woven samples, notes for this blog and a couple of large composite photos which if we can manage it will appear magnificently in one of the earlier postings (Sept 05). I’ll try to remember to take photos over the next months as it evolves. Planning notes for blog images - Click to enlarge. Postcard from William- Click to enlarge. Driftwood Man - Click to enlarge.  ideas in progress - Click to enlarge. Barnacle cross - Click to enlarge. Bound seam fragment - Click to enlarge.

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