Media in Transition

Just spent a really exciting few days at the Tate, courtesy of the V&A, learning a great deal about both the exhibition and conservation of video, at the Media in Transition conference. Having worked in video for over a decade I felt I knew a lot about the medium, but being able to see a series of different digital projectors side by side for example is something that is very difficult to encounter due to the technical needs that Tate were more than able to facilitate.

It also highlighted how deep the misunderstanding of film and video goes, with case studies from the 60’s and 70’s still struggling to be displayed and conserved, while contemporary issues such as internet art, VR, computer game art and projection mapping were not discussed. Though as the conference brought professionals from all over the world to this event, it showed that there are people wanting to address the issues around new-media (and neo-new-media?), and that these issues will soon be address regarding modern modes of artist practice.

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