More Tapestry

At some point in the late 70’s, I found in a second hand bookshop, a treasure: “Tapisseries de la Jeune Egypte”. Page after page of rich, vibrant, energetic, expressive textiles, which helped inspire in me a deep passion for tapestry weaving. A stunning exhibition at The Barbican in 1985 enabled us to savour these works first hand. And now Barbara Heller has done it again. ‘Egyptian landscapes’ at The Brunei Gallery, London WC1. 19 January ‐ 17 March 2006. There are lots of related activities including a drop in family weaving day with tapestry weaver William Jefferies (see Useful Links). Two Tapestry Reasons to visit London if you also catch ‘Concealed-Discovered-Revealed’ until 5 Feb. or ‘Penelope’s Thread’ 11Feb – 9 July in room 101 V&A ! Egyptian tapestry, Cornfield (detail) Detail of ‘Cornfield’ woven by Zanouba Mohamed, age 17. Cotton warp and weft and at least 20 ends per inch. Love it!

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