New Works into the Collection

Another outcome of the residency so far is that three works from my installation in Gallery 102 earlier this year are now held by the Word and Image Department. (This is in addition to the works already in the collection: ” Small Soundpiece,” 1999; “Seal,” a limited print from a residency at Grizedale Arts in 1999 and one work which is included in a portfolio of drawings, “40 Artists – 40 Drawings”, which was recently purchased from the Drawing Gallery, London.) It will soon be possible for them to be seen on request in the Prints and Drawings Room, together with the others that I have mentioned.

Siân Bowen, 'Small Soundpiece', drawing, 1999. Museum no. E.359-2005 - Click to enlarge Siân Bowen,'Seal', limited edition etching, 1999 - Click to enlarge Siân Bowen, 'Gaze no.14', palladium & pin pricks on 9-times dyed indigo paper, 2006 - Click to enlarge Siân Bowen, 'Gaze no. 9', laser cut on persimmon coated & smoked paper, 2006 - Click to enlarge Siân Bowen, 'Gaze no. 11', laser cut & palladium on paper, 2006 - Click to enlarge

Click on thumbnails for larger versions.

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