Pace of time – pace of touch – pace of life

Touch and time. Everything seems to take on a different timescale when one is drawing, thinking, touching the surface of the drawing again. Sitting and looking. Waiting.

Looking through objects in the collections has taken on a similar pace. Time slows down in order to examine them at such close hand – to register the hidden folds of a pattern or the soiled edges of a greeting card.

Yet the backdrop to these activities which allows lingering to be the norm, is one of a totally different pace. Running to stand still. Yards of e-mails, trains arriving back late from London at two o’clock in the morning, meetings followed by more meetings. And all the commitments of family life.

Looking back through some of my previous entries I thought that the reader might be forgiven for thinking that the residency presents an opportunity for time to be perpetually slowed down – but this is not the case. It has offered the opportunity to reflect and to gaze but as always it’s a juggling act.

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