Public bench

This idea was inspired by bad manners that I saw in a public park. Sometimes people sleep on the benches in parks and I think this is really bad manners! I think that to prevent this, park benches should be made uncomfortable for people to sleep on, so I’ve designed this one. My bench was also designed with families in mind – the seats are lower in the middle so a child can easily sit on them. The separate seats also provide a more comfortable private space when more than one person is using the bench. The hole in the base of the seats is just a bit of fun design.

Public Benches - sketch Public Benches

有时你能发现有人睡在公共长椅上,这是一种不雅的行为,所以我想对于公共空间中的长椅应该对这些行为说不。这个长凳特别考虑了一家三口的需求,长凳中间部 位略低于两边,这样的高度更适合孩子的高度。同时当一个人已经坐在长凳上时,也为另外一个人坐在另一端时提供各自相对舒适的私人空间。

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