A quick update from Nao’s studio

In the past couple of weeks our Ceramics Resident Nao Matsunaga has fired up the kiln for those pieces he was drying out and he has also started work with some different materials and methods.

Here are some of the clay pieces that may look familiar to those who have been following Nao’s work on this blog. Now they have been fired they can stand on their own and Nao can decide which way is up and whether he wants to add any wooden parts to them.

Nao has started to experiment with plaster and wood, creating interesting shapes by cutting away at the plaster after it has dried onto the wood.

It was fascinating to learn that this deep red clay that Nao has started working with will turn black when it is fired! We can’t wait to see how it turns out.

So much is happening in Nao’s studio and it is a real treat to see the development of his work. Make sure you come along to one of his Open Studios if you can to see all the wonderful things he is creating during his residency.

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