Of Summer, Swimming and Structure

Notebook entry:

Wednesday 10 August 2005. Alpes Maritime Clues de Barles, near Digne. Pressed biscuit thin perpendicular ribs of rock, Lined one after another like a vertical mille feuille pastry sharp and incised worn into a deep smooth cleft snaking hundreds of feet upwards towards sky. Fine, thin ice cream wafers of rock fanning out from hillside. Later: massive storm. Thunder and lightening adding to drama. Brick red chocolate sauce swollen river water forcing it’s way downstream. Level rising by the minute.

Notebook entry:

Thursday 18 August 2005. Alpes Maritime Deep, enclosed gorge ‐ bearing in. Multi ton blocks – wedged and massive against sky. Deep, heavy water and wet suits. Our bodies immersed ‐ drifting and swimming. Thick, tight, curving, geological folds plunging, cleanly, purely through water surface. Huge by our heads. Touched with our hands. Solid ……. speaking of soft. Elemental Basic Exciting Intimidating.

I find it amazing that such a seemingly static, solid substance: rock – can describe (embody) such movement, such energy, such force. Ammonite slab, Digne, France - Click to enlarge. V&A, Museum no. T. 207 - 197. Hawara Cemetery. Byzantine. Islamic Period - Click to enlarge. Notebook. Summer 2005 - Click to enlarge. Rock Study near Digne, France - Click to enlarge. Notebook. Summer 2005 - Click to enlarge. Notebook. Summer 2005 - Click to enlarge.

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