Unwitting Collaboration

You just never know from where your next bit of inspiration will emerge… Recently I took some small – in progress – samples along to the photographic studios here to be ‘documented’. (Just how pedestrian is that word.) Yet what emerged ‐ through a good photographer with good equipment was so much more. Digital images transferred to the super high-resolution screen, transformed simple ‘recording’ shots into exquisite and stunning close up details – tiny elements abstracted to small poster size. A hammered lead sample: Woven into the rhythmic beaten structure was a fine (but much harder) thread of pink wire ‐ a sort of sub text of weave within the weave. Completely unseen with the naked eye, I discovered grooves where the fine wire had embedded in the softer lead. This pin sharp magnification ‐ enabling you to climb right inside the weave structure and notice new qualities within its fabric. My mind is already flying… INTERSECT, hemp, linen, silk, wool, 100 x 60 cm, 2005, detail - Click to enlarge. INTERSECT detail - Click to enlarge. Wool and raphia sample, detail - Click to enlarge. Wool and raphia sample, detail - Click to enlarge. Lead & wire sample, detail - Click to enlarge. Recycled foil chocolate wrapper sample, detail - Click to enlarge.

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