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During the period that Sue’s work has been on display at the V&A, and she has been writing this blog, we have seen a number of articles about her work appearing in a range of publications. In some cases these features reflect the ideas and thinking that Sue has expressed in many of these blog entries, but much of the material gives further insight into her work and the creative process behind it which has not been revealed here. Details of the relevant articles are listed below for anyone interested in reading more. magazine: CRAFTS title: Rock Opera author: Lesley Jackson issue: November/December 2005 no.197 pages: 6 publisher: Crafts Council. UK web: www.craftscouncil.org.uk magazine: EMBROIDERY title: Concealed Discovered Revealed author: June Hill issue: November/December 2005 pages: 4 publisher: Embroiderers Guild. UK web: www.embroiderersguild.com/embroidery magazine: FIBERARTS title: Sue Lawty: Work in Tapestry, Stone and Words author: Sunita Patterson issue: January/February 2006 vol. 32 no.4 pages: 1 publisher: Interweave Press. LLC, USA (© All rights reserved. Not to be reprinted) web: www.fiberarts.com magazine: SELVEDGE title: A Rock and a Slow Pace author: Sue Prichard issue: March/April 2006 no.10 pages: 4 publisher: Selvedge Ltd. UK web: www.selvedge.org magazine: JOURNAL: WEAVERS, SPINNERS, DYERS title: Sue Lawty: Concealed, Discovered, Revealed author: Melanie Venes issue: March 2006 no.217 pages: 1 publisher: Guild of Weavers, Spinners, Dyers. UK web: www.wsd.org.uk magazine: CRAFT ARTS INTERNATIONAL title: Stones and Fibre author: Dr. Jessica Hemmings issue: July 2006 no.67 pages: 6 publisher: Craft Arts International. Australia web: www.craftarts.com.au Detail from 'Crafts' Magazine featuring 'Rock Opera'. November / December 2005. Copyright © The Crafts Council. UK - Click to enlarge Detail from 'Embroidery' Magazine featuring 'Concealed, Discovered, Revealed'. November / December 2005. Copyright © The Embroiderers Guild, UK  - Click to enlarge  Work in Tapestry, Stone and Words'. January / February 2006. Copyright © Interweave Press. LLC, USA.  - Click to enlarge Detail from 'Selvedge' Magazine featuring 'A Rock and a Slow Pace'. March / April 2006. Copyright © Selvedge Ltd. UK  - Click to enlarge  Concealed, Discovered, Revealed'. March 2006. Copyright © Guild of Weavers, Spinners, Dyers. UK - Click to enlarge Detail from 'Craft Arts International' Magazine featuring 'Stones and Fibre'. July 2006. Copyright © Craft Arts International. Australia  - Click to enlarge

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