Andrew Lewis

Title: Digital Content Delivery Manager
Department: Digital Media

Digital Content Delivery Manager at the V&A. Information scientist at work and hacky maker of strange things out of it.

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Testing a prototype virtual reality headset

Group-design techniques: Paper prototypes, visualisations and models

V&A Director Martin Roth, recently interviewed, spoke passionately about the power of being in the presence of real objects in museums. What is better than physically being there, soaking in the powerful feelings of direct experience? So, how does this help us design? A team viewing/discussing/critiquing simultaneously can generate amazing creative ideas. We have found that physical things have […]

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Image fo Sumo wrestler with Grudge Match on chest

MuseumNext 2014 – APPS v WEB and other digital grudge matches

Apps or web? Is data the friend of users or creepy intrusion? Does project envy lead to closed thinking or can we learn from others? These are just a few of the museum technology-management topics getting some lively exchanges recently in Newcastle/Gateshead, at the ever-stimulating MuseumNext. These are not new debates, even for museums, but thinking has evolved with museum products and services over […]

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We are Museums 2014 – Innovation in Warsaw!

What happens when you gather a load of enthusiastic people together for two intense days of best-practise experience mashed up with hands-on digital service design workshops, out in beautiful museums and galleries? This is We are Museums 2014, which this year was in the lovely city of Warsaw, Poland. Enthusiasm The event is refreshingly action-based. […]

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What’s it like for Museum visitors to connect to Wi-Fi on a mobile phone?

This post reviews research we have been doing recently, into how we can improve the experience for mobile users in the museum when they first make contact with Wi-Fi. Over the last two years at the V&A, the Digital Media department has worked hard to improve the remote mobile experience, by making our web pages responsive to […]

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Museums and the Web 2014: Digital arrival, unpredictability and churn

Museums and the Web Baltimore was as thought-provoking and inspiring as ever. With the day-job specifics turned off, it is truly invigorating to open up the mind in the company of 600 or so museum professionals working at the coalface of digital in museums. Here are some key takeaways for me. Это теперь доступен на […]

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Why bother designing for tablet users?

In September 2013, we launched our Digital Explorer Map. We wanted to provide a better way for our web visitors to find out what the V&A has to offer. This was the first feature on our website we specially builtto work best on a tablet. We did this because tablets are what people use when they are indulging themselves […]

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Leeds Data Mill – What happens when a whole major city shares its data?

Culture in Numbers was the first event by Leeds Data Mill, an ambitious new collective organisation looking to gather and utilise data about the whole of Leeds. Here’s a Storify review of a great day – lots of interesting insights and reflections on the practicalities. [<a href=”//” target=”_blank”>View the story “Leeds Data Mill Culture-in-Numbers” on […]

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Ideas from CRASSH mobile possibilities conference

What are the challenges and possibilities raised by mobile? Now that more than half UK adults have smartphones, and with tablet use doubling in a year, cultural services need to understand the social shifts the normalisation of these technologies cause. The conference ‘Making Cultural Heritage Mobile: Challenges and Possibilities’ at the University of Cambridge explored these […]

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Useful research about consumer mobile trends

A list of useful research reports about technological and social factors affecting how consumer mobile devices affect museum service design. Most have published in mid to late 2013.The scope and focus of each varies, but all deal with either general technology and mobile-related social trends or specifically about musum mobile service issues. They are here […]

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Making visitor information easier for mobile phone users

In October 2013, we overhauled the Visitor Information pages to make them easier to use on a mobile phone. With as many as 30% of all web visits including the visit information pages, this was a priority. This post looks at how you can quickly make your web pages easier to use on a mobile phone for your visitors, just […]

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