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‘Monuments of your Love built up to the Cloudes…’ [1]

Guest blog entry byBryony Bartlett-RawlingsDuring the first weekend of June 2012 Britain will embrace a mood of celebration as it celebrates the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The festivities will include street parties throughout the country and the Regatta on Sunday 3rd June will be one of the largest flotillas ever assembled in London on the river Thames.

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Guest blog entry: Bryony Bartlett-RawlingsMermaids, Mermen and other fantastical creatures of the sea have featured heavily in our folklore for centuries. The first stories of mermaids appeared in Assyria in about 1000 BC. One of these earliest legends describes how the goddess Atargatis, mother of the Assyrian queen Semiramis, unintentionally killed the mortal shepherd whom she loved. Distraught, she jumped into a lake to take the form of a fish. However the water failed to completely cover her beauty; only transforming her into a fish-like form from the waist down.

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