Keira Miller

I work as a Costume Mounting Specialist in the Textile Conservation Department of the Victoria and Albert Museum. I spent the whole of 2009 preparing the first phase of Wedding Dress for its international tour and have since followed the show around the world.

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From Grey to ‘White’ – Wet Cleaning Henrietta Woodcock’s Wedding Dress

Assistant Conservator Rachael Lee has just finished washing one of the dresses mentioned in the first Wedding Dresses 1775-2014 blog post and it’s looking really good!  Here she outlines the process of wet cleaning, which many of the garments in the exhibition will undergo before May. First worn 165 years ago, this wedding dress, which […]

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Which Heads? Choosing Heads for our Brides

Part of the process of choosing mannequins for an exhibition is deciding what sort of heads to use, and this is never a straightforward task. For Wedding Dresses 1775-2014, a team of V&A staff, including the Costume Mounting Specialist, the Curator, and the Designer have been out an about looking at the heads they might […]

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Mannequin Delivery Number One

Hooray, the first Wedding Dresses 1775-2014 mannequins have arrived in the building and we are gradually starting to unpack them. Here you can see members of the Conservation Team unloading bubble wrap-clad mannequins from the delivery van and transporting them to Textile Conservation for unwrapping and labelling. The mannequins and the mounts used for conservation […]

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An 18th Century Bride and an Introduction to Costume Mounting

It finally feels like the preparation for Wedding Dresses 1775-2014 is properly underway, and the first object we have been working on is a Spitalfields silk gown worn in 1775 by Sarah Boddicot, when she married Samuel Tyssen at St Johns Church in Hackney on 28th September. Before showing the initial stages of mounting this […]

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Which Brides to Display? Assessing our Bridal Collection

Once an exhibition has been given the go ahead, object assessments are one of the first stages for the Conservation Department. The images here show assessments for Wedding Dresses 1775-2014 being undertaken in the V&A stores. For the show, opening in May, 37 new outfits are being added to those which have already been out […]

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