Lao Jianhua

Lao Jianhua is a product designer currently living and working in Shanghai, China. After working for several major Chinese design companies, Lao opened his own design studio, J Y DESIGN Shanghai, in 2008. He was the V&A's first international Museum Resident and was at the Museum between November 2008 and April 2009, helping the Museum to celebrate the 2008 Year of China.

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Boat Lamp

I like the glass work hanging at the main entrance of the V&A. It’s really beautiful and makes the space amazing.

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Take Away Chair

When I walked around the Museum I saw some children sitting on the ground and playing. But the ground is cold in winter so Ithought I woulddesign some simple chairs for kids. Iwould just have a try, even though Inoticed there were a lot of benches in the Museum.

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Now I have my own space.

I’m so excited that the V&A have provided so big a space for me. Also I need to thank HSBC who sponsored this residency and gave me the chance to be here. Thanks to the nice staff here, you are so kind to help me. And I’m so sorry I can’t remember everyone’s name, but I will try my best to remember your names in the future. Especially I need to thank Ruth, I’m a troublemaker for her, and she solved many problems for me.

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