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Art Auction Catalogue Price Lists

The art market is a financial market. In 2015 it was worth about £41 billion, with around half of that going through public auctions. Prices go up and prices go down but it is a truism that art follows money. A random example, a Malevich self portrait. Bought for £163,000 in 2004 at Christie’s and subsequently sold for […]

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“The Vienna Museum” Catalogue of Emperor Rudloph II

Rudolf II Holy Roman Emperor is famous as perhaps the greatest art collector of his age. He was also a great supporter of astrology (Nostradamus wrote his horoscopes), alchemy (he hired the alchemist John Dee to turn metal into gold) and mystics (his lifelong quest was to find the philosophers stone) and his castle complex […]

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Regional Art Auction House Sale Catalogues in the National Art Library

The National Art Library collects catalogues from the world’s major auction houses as well as others that cover the collections of the V&A Museum. Art auction houses mirror the developments and trends in the art collecting world, changing focus, subjects, locations and identity. Sotheby’s Belgravia was opened to meet the demand for Victorian paintings and furniture […]

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Priced Art Auction Catalogues in the National Art Library

The National Art Library is home to over 140,000 art auction catalogues from more than 200 art auction houses. It is the largest accessible collection of art auction catalogues in the world. Within this collection thirty per cent remain uncatalogued fully in the priced sequences of Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Foster and Knight, Frank & Rutley. Priced […]

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