The Tower of Babel – Shop of the Day 106

The Tower of Babel – Shop of the Day 106

The most counterfeited brand in the world! I was lucky enough to be allowed to film inside the flagship store known as the #Maison the other day.  It is as you imagine – meticulous. It is beautiful, sumptuous, sparkly, shiny; everything is there for a reason, it is theatre; it is luxury in every sense of the word.  You go in and you want to buy, I mean I even wanted to buy something and I’m rubbish at shopping.  This is certainly an iconic brand but how high in The Tower should it go?  Should it be at the top top?  What makes this brand so coveted? What does it mean to own a Vuitton bag? I’m also interested in the counterfeit culture understanding why someone would want a fake bag,  how do you feel having a fake bag?  Interestingly the Louis Vuitton monogram was invented to stop people actually copying the luggage.

louis Vuitton

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